Premium Cattle Forage

Seeds Forged for Forage

Wherever and whenever you need a small grain forage, RAM™ Forage Oats were created just for that. Very cold tolerant. Proven yields. Rust resistant. And they establish quickly so your pasture is ready for grazing sooner.

Plant as early as September or October for great early fall forage and forage through the winter. Extend the season even longer by planting Prine™ Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass, for cold-season forage that lasts till May. RAM Forage Oats were bred at LSU and selected for their outstanding forage characteristics. Yields of up to 12,000 lbs. of quality forage dry matter have been found in trials throughout the South.

RAM Forage Oats should be planted at 100 lbs. per acre alone or at 60 lbs. per acre when combined with 25 lbs. of ryegrass seed per acre. Apply fertilizer to soil test recommendations. If no soil test is available, apply 300 lbs. of 13-13-13 or equivalent at planting and follow every 45 days with 150 lbs. of 34-0-0 or equivalent.

RAM Oats Mixed with Prine