Frequently Asked Questions



A. This product provides broad-spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. For a complete list of where this product can be applied and the weeds it controls, please check the label.

A. Heavy rainfall soon after application may wash this product off of foliage. A repeat application may be required for adequate control.

A. Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum weed killer that can be used to control a number of weeds. When used according to the label, it will not affect individual Roundup Ready® crops. Closely read the label to ensure you are using the product correctly.

A. 41% Glyphosate Plus can be mixed in a stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic or plastic-lined steel container. Do not use a galvanized steel or unlined steel container or spray tank.

A. Weeds must have emerged at the time of application for the product to control them. Weeds that germinate from seed after the application will not be controlled.

A. Since the product works through the plant from the point of foliage contact to the root system, visual effects generally take two to four days for annual weeds and up to seven days for perennials. You will see the plant gradually wilt and yellow then turn brown. Please note that the time it takes for this product to work may be slowed by extremely cool or cloudy weather.

A. This product can be applied using traditional methods, including boom or boomless sprayers, pull-type sprayers, backpack sprayers and pump-up pressure sprayers, and it is available for aerial application. For proper application, thoroughly read through the label.

A. With a hand-held or backpack sprayer, apply to the foliage until it is wet, but be sure to not spray to the point of runoff. If you are using a ground sprayer (boom or boomless), apply at the rates on the label. With any type of application, be sure to select the proper nozzles to avoid generating a fine mist.

A. This product can be tank-mixed with other herbicides to provide residual weed control or control a broader number of weeds. Be sure to read and follow the label directions on ALL products in the tank mixture.

A. We do not recommend mowing before you spray as it reduces the control. If you previously mowed the area you are wanting to control, we recommend you allow it to regrow to the length listed on the label. Always check the label for proper application methods.

A. There are a number of common annual and perennial weeds and woody brush and trees controlled by 41% Glyphosate Plus. Check the label for a complete list of plants that are controlled.

A. This product is safe to use as an herbicide on Roundup Ready® crops. Since this is a glyphosate product, it includes the same active ingredient as Roundup® and is safe to use on crops that have the Roundup Ready® gene. Always read and follow label directions to ensure you are using the product correctly.

A. FarmWorks 41% Glyphosate Plus is safe to use around Roundup Ready® crops. Follow label directions to help prevent product drifting into the areas you are not spraying. Before applying, be sure to check with your neighboring field owner to ensure any product you use will not harm his crop.

A. You can use FarmWorks 41% Glyphosate Plus for weed control as a spot treatment and prior to planting non-food tree crops. Be sure the spray drift or mist does not come in contact with the foliage or green bark of established Christmas trees. To avoid this, protect the plants by using shields or coverings made of cardboard or other impermeable materials.

A. 41% Glyphosate Plus can be applied between rows of trees or vines and for general weed control in established tree fruit and nut groves, orchards, berries and vineyards. Refer to the label for specific instructions on how to properly use this product in these areas.

A. Yes, there is a warranty on the product and the complete details can be found on the label.

Product Safety

A. Simply, yes. Please check the labels for specific information on personal protective equipment.

A. You can use RM43 to control weeds near play equipment. To safely apply, keep people and pets out of the area during application and until the product dries, generally two hours. There are no entry restrictions to sprayed areas once the product has dried.

A. All pets and people should be kept out of the treated area until the solution has dried.

A. The RM43 and FarmWorks 41% Glyphosate Plus containers can be recycled after they are completely emptied and triple rinsed. You can empty any remaining contents into your application equipment and then thoroughly rinse the container, pouring those contents into the application equipment. Be sure to read the label to ensure that you have followed all directions on rinsing the container before placing it into the recycling bin.

A. Follow the label instructions if the product is swallowed or gets in the eyes of a human or pet. Immediately call the poison control center or doctor for treatment. The poison control number is 877-325-1840.

A. For a chemical spill, fire or exposure, call CHEMTREC at 800-424-9300. If you have a medical emergency, immediately contact the poison control center or a doctor. The poison control center number is 877-325-1840.