Frequently Asked Questions



A. Spray Tank Cleaner can be used on all parts of the sprayer, including the tank, hoses, pumps, valves and nozzles.

A. Spray Tank Cleaner can be used on sprayers that have been standing a long time or are exceptionally dirty; however, additional time may be needed for the product to clean the buildup that has occurred in the tank. Also, you should be aware that when tanks are corroded, leakage may occur after using the Spray Tank Cleaner due to rust removal.

A. Spray Tank Cleaner does not attack steel, aluminum, brass or other materials, but it will remove the rust that was likely temporarily sealing the tank.

A. Spray Tank Cleaner should be used when changing chemicals in your sprayer or to clean your sprayer if you are finished using it for the season.

A. Spray Tank Cleaner can be used to clean the sprayer for any product that is registered to be mixed in your tank. Special precautions should be followed after using 2,4-D. Be sure to read and follow the label directions.

A. If you are changing chemicals, a second rinse is recommended with 25 gallons of water.

A. There are certain parts of the sprayer, such as hoses, rubber connections, pumps and hand gun packing that are more likely to retain 2,4-D than the tank, boom or metal parts. In order to properly clean 2,4-D from these parts, be sure to flush them. Follow label directions to make sure your tank is properly flushed and cleaned.

A. One package of Spray Tank Cleaner can clean up to a 200-gallon tank. Follow the label’s use rate chart to ensure you use the correct amount of concentrate and water to properly clean  your tank.

A. You should store Spray Tank Cleaner in its original container in a dry place.

A. There are no disposal requirements for Spray Tank Cleaner in its original state; however, once used, the solution must be disposed of according to the directions of the chemical you are cleaning from your tank.

A. Closely follow the label directions to ensure you have properly cleaned all parts of your sprayer. If you are changing chemicals, rinse a second time with 25 gallons of water.

Product Safety

A. Simply, yes. Please check the labels for specific information on personal protective equipment.

A. Follow the label instructions if the product is swallowed or gets in the eyes of a human or pet. Immediately call the poison control center or doctor for treatment. The poison control number is 877-325-1840.

A. For a chemical spill, fire or exposure, call CHEMTREC at 800-424-9300. If you have a medical emergency, immediately contact the poison control center or a doctor. The poison control center number is 877-325-1840.

A. Spray Tank Cleaner will not harm your pets, but the chemical you are cleaning from your sprayer may have adverse affects for them. For safety purposes, keep pets away from puddled water that may exist in the cleaning area.

A. Goggles and rubber gloves should be worn when using Spray Tank Cleaner. For complete safety measures, consult the label.

A. The Spray Tank Cleaner container can be rinsed and recycled.