Prepping Your Lawn for Winter

Homeowners are busy outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall. But many believe when temperatures drop and plant growth stops, their job is done. The opposite is true. Winter lawn care requires taking special steps to help your lawn and plants get the most out of a long, restful sleep. The more you do for your lawn now, the better it will look come spring.

Clear Out Debris

Fallen leaves and plant matter can smother your grass if left on your lawn. Keep up on leaf removal throughout the winter to eliminate any dead patches come spring. You can turn the leaves into beneficial mulch for flower beds by adding them to your compost pile.

Mow Your Lawn Short

Once your grass has stopped growing, mow it short to get at the soil and root system. Take it down in stages if necessary, getting it to about 1 to 1.5 inches in height.

Aerate the Turf

Aerate the lawn and remove thatch. An aeration machine uses a blade to poke holes in the soil, helping to reduce compacted soil and give fertilizer and water a route to reach your grass’ root systems. Aerate at least a quarter to half-inch. A rake can be used to help remove the thatch that’s built up on your lawn all year.

Apply Compost and Topsoil

Cover any bare spots with compost and/or topsoil to help replenish your soil’s nutrients. If your grass struggled to grow last spring, test the pH. You may need to add lime or another nutrient to balance it. Smooth the mixture over the aeration holes with a rake.

Apply a Winter Fertilizer

A late-autumn application of fertilizer can help lawns green up faster in the spring and outgrow any new weeds. Most lawns benefit from slow-release nitrogen fertilizer as it can be applied at higher rates without fear of burning your grass. Use a drop spreader to apply it evenly and avoid streaking.

Spot Treat Weeds

Use a non-selective weed and grass killer, like RM18 Fast-Acting Weed & Grass Killer to eliminate those weeds that refuse to die. RM18 starts to work immediately, with visible wilting in 12 hours. It’s rainfast in 30 minutes. Keep in mind this product works best when the weather is above 60-degrees.

Reseed with a Great Seed

Reseeding bare spots with one of our Mayberry Seed blends. Reseeding now means you’ll have a head start against weeds next spring. Our proprietary centipede seed is a great choice as it is 99% weed-free, low maintenance, and grows in even poor soil conditions.

Go to our Where to Buy page to find out where to buy both RM18 and Mayberry grass seed.