Using Ragan & Massey Products Around Pets

Pets love to be outdoors, rolling in the grass and sniffing along fence lines. It is the perfect place for them to run and play unless you’re applying an herbicide like a weed and grass killer. Caution needs to be taken when applying an herbicide around pets and other people. 

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in many of the herbicides Ragan & Massey produces, like RM43, RM18, and Compare-N-Save Quick Acting Weed and Grass Killer. Glyphosate is a powerful, non-selective herbicide that kills hundreds of varieties of plants. When applied correctly, it provides long-lasting weed, grass, and brush control, making your landscaping look great. But precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of those around you, including your four-legged friends.

Don’t Allow Anyone Else in The Area While Spraying 

Only the person applying the herbicide should be in the area. Put your pets, along with food bowls, toys, and anything else they put their mouths on, indoors. We also recommend the person applying the product to wear long sleeves, pants, socks, shoes, safety glasses, and gloves, and wash their hands thoroughly after using the product.

Spray on a Calm, Warm Day

Never apply an herbicide when it is windy. The drift can not only affect desirable plants, but it can cause moderate irritation if it gets into anyone’s eyes. Remember to make sure your pets cannot get into the area. Wash any skin or clothes that come into direct contact with the drift.

Clean Up Any Spills

Make sure the area you mix the product in is clear of spills. Sweep up any granular product and wipe up any liquid messes. It may be necessary to rinse the area with water, especially if its in a place where your pets travel through, like a garage or patio. Just remember not to let any runoff go into storm drains or other water sources.

Let the Product Completely Dry

Once the product has dried completely, about two to three hours, it is safe to allow pets back into the area. This is true even for our Compare-N-Save Weed Killer for Lawns, which uses Dimethylamine Salt of 2,4-D Acid to only target weeds in the lawn, leaving grass untouched. 

Store Products Away from Pets

Keep all Ragan & Massey products in areas where pets and children can’t reach them. Make sure they are properly closed and in a cool, dry area.

Always Read the Complete Label

The labels for all of the Ragan & Massey’s products can be found directly on our website. Each includes all the information you need to not only apply the product effectively but any warnings or cautions you need to know. Take the time to read through it carefully before you apply and follow the precautions for pets

Following the directions for Ragan & Massey products will not only keep your pets safe but will provide long-lasting weed control results. Contact us with any questions or check out more advice in our blogs.