5 Ways To Show Your Lawn Some Love This Spring

5 Ways To Show Your Lawn Some Love This Spring

This is the year your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. All it takes is a little research, a little elbow grease, and a little restraint. Keep reading to learn our secret to lush, green grass.

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on?

Almost every article that I have ever read on the lawn health and maintenance immediately fires into the topic of fertilization. While it’s true your lawn is most certainly hungry for nutrients after a long winter, there’s no way of knowing which ones unless you get your soil tested. Most State Extension Services offer in-depth testing of soil samples (find your local Extension office here), but a simple soil test from your local home store will do just fine in a pinch.


Fertilize–and keep fertilizing.

Now that you have tested your soil, you know what nutrients your lawn may be lacking. Adding the right fertilizer at the onset of the growing season will bring about that lush growth that every homeowner is looking for, and, just as importantly, it will deliver the root growth that is needed for health all season long. Add a slow release nitrogen supplement once in the spring for time-released help through the trying summer months.


Nip it in the bud (or, more accurately, the seed).

Spraying a pre-emergent is always a good idea. Seeds from unwanted weeds can remain dormant for years before finally sprouting, and there is no need to waste your time feeding them while they lie in wait. Look for one that targets crabgrass, sedges, or whatever plant is the biggest nuisance in your neck of the woods.


Reap what you sow.

Overseeding in the spring is vital to helping fill in any patches that may have taken an extra hard hit over the winter and quality seed is an absolute must. Whether you are looking for a grass seed that can take the heat or want a turf that stands up to some foot traffic, the best way to overseed a lawn  is to mow your current grass at the lowest setting on your mower, rake to remove dead debris (press down hard to loosen soil), and distribute seed to the recommended density on the seed bag. Water twice per day until well established.


Let it grow.

Too many people rush to cut their lawn as soon as it appears the slightest bit unkempt. Resist this urge. The new growth is gathering sunlight and promoting root growth. Experts recommend about 3 inches of green on top. This keeps the moisture in the soil and also helps to shade out weed development, When it is time to cut, make sure that you are using a sharp blade; a dull blade will bruise and beat the young grass leading to more problems down the road.


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