6 Unexpected Benefits of Fishing

6 Unexpected Benefits Of Fishing

If it’s getting harder and harder to make time to fish, remember that it’s not only good for your health, it’s good for your mind, your family, and the environment. For reel. At Ragan & Massey, we’re always looking for another reason to head outdoors, and you certainly don’t have to twist our arms when it comes to hunting, fishing, planting, or growing.

Fishing is exercise!

Depending on the type of fishing you do, carrying, walking, casting, balancing in a boat, reeling, and fighting fish can burn an average of 200 calories per hour. This low-intensity workout can be great for your long-term health–as long as you keep the 12-ounce curls to a minimum.


Fish are delicious–and healthy–food.

Feed a man fish–and you just may save his life. According to studies, a diet of freshly caught fish is a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to decrease blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. They also preserve eyesight better than carrots, decrease your risk of asthma, and drastically cut your chances of getting rheumatoid arthritis.


Fishing can reduce stress.

The sound of water lapping rhythmically against the boat. Sun on your face. Wind in your hair. Phones out of sight and worries out of mind. It’s no surprise that fishing is a welcome past-time for people seeking to relieve stress. Fishing is also an exercise of mindfulness; you have to pay attention to be successful. A distracted fisherman will always come up empty-handed.


Fishing develops patience.

When you trade deadlines with fishing lines, the world slows down a little. Fishing forces you to look at life on a different timeline, and it can play a critical role in personal and social development by giving you ample opportunities to celebrate boredom, learn from disappointment, and experience the thrill of the chase.


Fishing is a delicious way to save the planet.

Proceeds from fishing licenses go to support environmental stewardship programs, wildlife and conservation programs, and help purchase and maintain thousands of acres of public lands. Anglers are acutely aware of the challenges of protecting clean water, valuable habitats, and natural communities.


A family that fishes together…

While some people fish to take a break from familly, studies show that sharing an experience like fishing with your loved ones promotes well-being and feelings of security, confidence, and independence. Most of us can remember going fishing with a grandparent or a parent and how special it was to have them all to ourselves for a bit, even it meant learning to bait a hook in the process.


Additional benefit: Your spouse may warm up to the idea of you fishing if you take one or two kids with you.


We have plenty of products to make your outdoorsy life all the more easy. All you have to do is just keep swimming.