7 Uses For RM18

7 Smart Uses for RM18

There are many uses for RM18: your lawn, your garden, and your weeds.

RM18 is a gardener and farmer’s best tool to kill weeds and grasses quickly, without damaging the existing soil. RM18 is a combination of two herbicides, glyphosate and dibromide, that kills on contact and is rain resistant in 30 minutes. This widely used broad-spectrum systemic herbicide stops a specific enzyme process in plants, preventing them from creating certain proteins that are essential for growth. RM18 enters the plant through the foliage and then travels down to the root, becoming inactive once it touches the bare soil. Any time you have a landscape, gardening or general weed removal project that requires quick clearing and replanting, RM18 is the product to grab.

Don’t just take our word for it. See below for all the many uses for RM18.

  1. RM18 is ideal for lawn replacement. RM18 Fast-Acting Weed & Grass Killer was literally made to use to kill an old, unwanted lawn before planting a new lawn or prior to laying a patio, sidewalk, or driveway. Spray it evenly, according to label directions. Be sure to skip one mowing before spraying, to leave as much blade area on the grass as possible. If your soil is dry, water before application and then two to three days after the application. You can start sowing your new lawn, or lay sod, after three days.
  2. RM is perfect for garden prep. Never spend hours, bent over, pulling garden weeds by hand again. RM18 makes short work of existing weeds, grasses and brush in the spot of your next flower bed, garden plot or landscaping area. If your soil is dry, water it before applying RM18 and then again two to three days after application. Wait one day after before planting flowers, shrubs or trees and three days before planting grass, herbs, vegetables and fruits.
  3. RM18 kills stumps. Tree stumps are a nightmare to remove. They are impossible to dig up by hand and cost a fortune to have someone else do the work. Kill off the stump yourself by cutting the living stump close to the ground, drilling four to five hold into it and pouring undiluted RM18 right into the holes. Make sure to watch for adjacent trees of a similar age, height and spacing as that may signal a shared roots system.
  4. Use RM18 to kill vines. RM18 can take care of those pesky vines that grow up poles, fences or tree trunks. Cut the vines down to three to four feet and spray thoroughly with RM18. If the trunk that’s being smothered has green bark, cut the vines at the base and treat as if you were spraying stumps or spray the regrowth. Shield the tree and surrounding shrubs with a piece of cardboard or plastic.
  5. RM18 tackles kudzu. RM18 controls kudzu, that infamous, invasive vine. Spray three to six ounces of RM18, mixed in a gallon of water, on a warm, sunny day in mid- to late-summer when vines are mature and actively growing. Use the higher amount of RM18 for more mature kudzu vines.
  6. RM18 kills wild blackberry. Spray RM18 anytime these difficult-to-kill plants are actively growing. Dead canes should be cut down and removed. Be prepared, reapplication is often required to kill deep roots.
  7. RM18 kills poison ivy and poison oak. Itching, scratching and a burning rash; poison oak and poison ivy are a big-time nuisance. RM18 clears this problem away. Spray it anytime plants are actively growing, but at least four weeks before the first killing frost in the fall. Reapply, if new growth appears. Be sure to handle dead plants with rubber gloves and dispose of plants and gloves in tightly-sealed garbage bags.


You can find RM18 at a retailer near you by entering your zip code in our store finder. RM18 is also available online from Home Depot.