Back To Basics 5 Ways To Get Your Lawn In Shape This Spring

Back To Basics: 5 Ways To Get Your Lawn In Shape This Spring

This year is your year. Your lawn WILL be the best on the block. If this is something you’ve dreamed of for a while, we can help you make it a reality. We’ve put together five easy steps to get your lawn from lackluster to lush this spring.

Test the soil.

If you’re not testing your lawn, you could be throwing money down on to solve the wrong problem. For example, say your lawn looks yellow and patchy due to damage from your dog. Putting down nitrogen won’t do anything as your lawn is already high in nitrogen. Only a soil test will test you for sure what your lawn is lacking. Most State Extension Services offer in-depth testing of soil samples (find your local Extension office here), but a simple soil test from your local home store will do just fine in a pinch.

Set up a fertilizer routine.

Once you test the soil and understand the nutrients your lawn is lacking, you can replace those with fertilizer. Adding the right fertilizer at the onset of the growing season will bring about that lush growth that every homeowner is looking for and it will deliver the root growth that is needed for health all season long. Add a slow release nitrogen supplement once in the spring for time-released help through the trying summer months.

Don’t even give weeds a chance.

Pre-emergent herbicides are a gardener’s best friend. They work by targeting weeds before they have a chance to sprout. Think of it like cutting the weeds off at the pass; it’s easier to get rid of them before they sprout compared to after. Look for a pre-emergent herbicide, like Compare-N-Save Crabgrass & Sandbur Preventer, that targets crabgrass, sedges, or whatever plant is the biggest nuisance in your lawn.

The proof is in the overseeding.

Overseeding in the spring is vital to help fill in any patches that may have taken an extra hard hit over the winter and quality seed is an absolute must. Whether you are looking for a grass seed that can take the heat, like our Mayberry seed, or want a turf that stands up to some foot traffic, like TriPro, the best way to overseed a lawn is to mow your current grass at the lowest setting, rake to remove dead debris (press down hard to loosen soil) and distribute seed to the recommended density on the seed bag. Water twice per day until it is well established.

Wait to mow.

Too often we mow our lawn the minute it looks unkempt or we mow just because it is our “designated” day to mow, without really determining if our lawn needs it. Instead, let your lawn grow. New growth works to gather sunlight and promote root growth. Experts recommend to leave about three inches of green on to keep the moisture in the soil and help shade out weed development. When it is time to cut, make sure that you are using a sharp blade; a dull blade will bruise and beat the young grass leading to more problems down the road.


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