Don’t Be Afraid To Be Blue

Ponds and water features can be a yard showpiece or, if they’re muddy and murky, an eyesore. Farmworks Pond Dye is the solution. This product is a water-soluble pond colorant that safely transforms murky, cloudy and off-color water into beautiful blue water within just a few hours! 

Where to Use It 

Farmworks Pond Dye may be used in lakes, ponds, decorative water features and other impounded bodies of water with limited outflow. While treated water may be used for swimming, fishing and irrigation within hours, do not apply it to drinking water. If you choose to use it in your decorative water features, keep in mind that chlorinated water will cause accelerated fading, requiring more treatments or higher doses. 

How to Use It 

One gallon of concentrated colorant treats 1.25 million gallons of water. This is the part where we must emphasize to read the complete label. It takes a little bit of math to calculate the right dosage, which ensures its safety. There are two ways to calculate dosage: 

  1. Find the acre-feet of your pond. Multiply your pond by the length, then width and then average depth in feet, and then divide that number by 43,560 to find the Acre-Feet.  
  2. Find the cubic meters of your pond. Multiply your pond by the length, then width and then by average depth in meters to find the cubic meters of your pond. Note, one acre-foot equals 325,000 gallons which equals 1,234 cubic meters.  

Once you’ve calculated the size of your pond, use .25 gallons of Farmworks Pond Dye for each acre-foot (1,234 m3). Pour from the container near the shoreline directly into the water. Complete dispersion should occur within hours after treatment. When following the proper dosage rate (once again check the label) this product is safe for fish, waterfowl, pets or wildlife and will not stain exposed surfaces. 

Additional amounts of this product can be added as needed to maintain the desired coloration following rainfall, dilution or water exchange. 

Things to Note 

Farmworks Pond Dye contains Acid Blue 9 Dye, which may cause eye or skin irritation. Take care to avoid getting the product in eyes or on skin by wearing safety glasses and rubber gloves when handling and wash hands and clothing after each use. Do not taste, swallow or mix with any other chemicals. Concentrated product can stain fabric and other porous surfaces. 

A dyed pond can enhance your landscape by transforming your pond or water feature into a showpiece. Our Farmworks Pond Dye is easy and safe to use. As with any of our products, if you have any questions call us at 800-264-5281 or contact us from our website. Here’s to a beautiful, blue summer!