Fence Line Spraying Made Easy

There are two constants in farming; weeds grow faster along a fence line and there’s always something more important to do than getting rid of them. The good news is Ragan & Massey has exactly the products you need to kill weeds, grass and brush that will keep your fence lines clearer, longer.

Here are just a couple of the products we recommend you use to make this task easy and, best of all, permanent.


Ragan & Massey’s Best Herbicides


This concentrated formula contains triclopyr, a systemic herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds. Brushtox kills more than 60 woody plants, including mesquite, oaks, locust, wild rose and sweetgum, and more than 30 broadleaf weeds, like Canada thistle, milkweed and dog fennel. Brushtox can be applied directly to foliage, to a cut stump or as a basal bark treatment. Since Brushtox targets broadleaf weeds, many natural grasses won’t be harmed and many even flourish without the added competition for nutrients.



Made with 43 percent glyphosate, RM43 offers total weed control for up to a year. It not only kills more than 150 existing weeds, brush and vines, but when sprayed on bare ground keeps those weeds in check, for months. RM43 is rainfast in two hours and safe for people and livestock once it is dry. Wear protective equipment, i.e. long-sleeve shirt and long pants, when applying. Also, since RM43 is so effective, do not apply it close to trees or shrubs.



This product is the perfect combination of fast-acting and long-lasting weed control. RM18 is a total weed control solution for brush, broadleaf plants and grass. RM18 kills these plants on contact with visible wilting in 12 hours and controls up to six months. Since it contains 18 percent glyphosate, it only kills the vegetation, leaving the soil in-tact.


Compare N Save Weed & Grass Killer

This 41 percent glyphosate solution was made for Roundup Ready crops. It kills almost all annual and perennial weeds, grasses, vines, brush and stumps. It will not only affect the soil, but it also won’t move through the soil to untreated plants, leaving nearby trees safe from damage. Compare N Save Weed & Grass Killer only kills actively growing weeds so any seed in the ground can still sprout.


As with all our products, read the label and follow the directions carefully for best results. Ready to cross this constantly reoccurring chore off your list for months? Find these products in a store near you or order them online.