How to Use an Aquatic Herbicide

Sometimes you need to spray around bodies of water and using just any herbicide won’t do. You need a solution that’s made for weeds that grow around lakes, streams, creeks and ponds. You need Farm General Aquatic Herbicide.

Farm General Aquatic Herbicide is a water-soluble herbicide that contains a 53.8% glyphosate solution. It eliminates many annual and perennial weeds, like grasses, cattails, alligator weed, milkweed and more, without harming the soil or wildlife. It contains an active ingredient that targets an enzyme only found in plants and microorganisms so it’s safe to spray around water and fish. Using it is a snap.

Pick an Ideal Time for Spraying

Farm General Aquatic Herbicide should be sprayed under ideal conditions for optimal results. These conditions include:

  • No silt or debris is on the plant’s surfaces.
  • Wind speeds are less than 10 mph.
  • Weeds or grasses are actively growing (not dormant).
  • No rain is predicted for six hours and/or spray at least four hours before rising tidewater.

Mix the Solution

Every situation is unique and check the label for exact instructions, but generally the product is mixed by the desired volume. 

Desired Volume 0.5% 0.75% 1.0% 1.5% 4.0% 8.0%
1 Gallon 0.7 oz. 1.0 oz. 1.3 oz. 2.0 oz. 5.0 oz. 10.0 oz.
25 Gallons 1.0 pt. 1.5 pt. 1.0 qt. 1.5 qt. 4.0 qt. 2.0 gal.
100 Gallons 2.0 qt. 3.0 qt. 1.0 gal. 1.5 gal. 4.0 gal. 8.0 gal.


Tips for Treating Different Vegetation

When it comes to treating weeds and plants around water, the treatment may change based on the source of water and/or vegetation you’re looking to eliminate.

  • Dry Ditches – Wait one day after drawdown before applying and allow at least seven days after treatment before reintroducing water.

  • Rivers and Streams – Treat while traveling upstream to avoid a concentration in one area. If spraying from the bank, don’t overlap application by more than a foot in open water. Don’t use more than the maximum application rate of 7.5 pints per acre.

  • Lakes and Ponds – Don’t overlap your coverage area and don’t spray on water where there are no weeds. If you need to treat the entire surface area, start treating in strips to avoid oxygen depletion which could kill the fish.

  • Floating Mats – Spray all the foliage you can see, but avoid direct contact with water, including boat backwash. Wait at least 24 hours after initial treatment.

A Couple of Precautions

Do not apply Farm General Aquatic Herbicide directly to water within a half-mile upstream of active potable water intake in flowing or standing water. Don’t use an irrigation system to apply this product and don’t allow it to drift to another person while applying. Let the treated area dry before others enter and don’t use on feed or food crops.

Ready to be weed-free around your pond or stream? Go to the Where to Buy page to find Farm General Aquatic Herbicide online or in a store near you.