It’s Not Just Luck, How To Get A Green Lawn After A Total Kill

Weeds are the bane of your lawn’s existence. Weeds aren’t just unattractive to look at; they are thieves that steal nutrients from your grass. To eradicate them, you can continuously battle by spot spraying and pulling or, decide on a total kill and start fresh.

Grab Some RM18

When you’re ready to say goodbye to a weed-ridden lawn permanently, RM18 is your new best friend. It kills nearly all weeds, grasses, vines and brush down to the root. It is concentrated so mix it will water according to the instructions on the label. Once the active ingredient (glyphosate) enters the plant, it won’t wash off. RM18 is ideal for total lawn kills because it becomes inert once it touches the soil. Once you spray, wait about three days, and then you’re ready to get your new lawn started.

Treat The Soil

Your new lawn will never grow to its full potential if it doesn’t get the right nutrients. A healthy lawn starts with healthy soil. Your soil needs to contain the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. A soil test identifies any lacking nutrients in your soil. Most state extension services offer in-depth testing of soil samples (find your local Extension office here) or you can grab one from a local home improvement store. Once you know what your lawn lacks, you can remedy the situation by adding what it lacks. For example, your soil may be acidic and need lime.

Plant The Seed

Once you’ve sorted out your soil, it’s time to plant. Till the soil to work in any remaining vegetation, this helps to lighten the soil and feed your seed. Determining which seed to use depends on how you’ll use your lawn. Our Mayberry Grass Seed is made up of a centipede seed blend that is specially designed to stand up to the harshest southern climates. It has excellent heat tolerance and requires minimal maintenance. TriPro is designed to stand up to serious wear and tear. It was developed to meet the intense demands of golf courses, athletic fields and your backyard. Once you’ve sown the seed, cover it lightly with the back of a rake or use a thin layer of compost; a quarter of an inch is deep enough. Add fertilizer to give your newly-planted seed a boost.

Water, Water, Water

Your new lawn can’t grow without water and sunlight. Start by watering your lawn in the morning to allow the moisture to soak in before the afternoon sun can evaporate it. Depending on the temperature, your lawn may also need a drink before the day is done. Don’t wait until the sun sets or the water could “sit” on the grass causing fungus issues down the road.

With consistent watering and plenty of sunshine, you’ll be rewarded with a lush, green lawn. Once your lawn starts to get established, it may require another fertilizer treatment to keep it healthy and green. Treat it kindly by leaving some of the clippings behind for extra fertilizer and keep the mower blade at two to two and a half inches high.

You can find out where to buy RM18 and all of our grass seeds on our website.