Our Favorite Things What we love about RM43

Our Favorite Things: What we love about RM43

It’s no secret that we love to talk about how awesome RM43 is, but that’s because we are proud of this product and what it can do for the back 40 or the backyard. It is one of our favorite things! Here’s why we love RM43 and you will too.

It’s Powerful.

Made with 43 percent glyphosate, this product packs a serious punch when it comes to weed control. It offers total weed control, meaning whatever you spray it on is a goner. Keep this in mind when spraying to make sure any desirable plants don’t get caught in a drift. Play it safe and spray on a calm, sunny day.


It Kills on Contact.

Once RM43 makes contact with foliage, it gets to work. RM43 is a mix of two herbicides (glyphosate and imazapyr) and a surfactant so once it lands on a plant, it stays put. While it is recommended to apply RM45 on a sunny day, take comfort in the fact that it’s also rainfast in two hours just in case a random rain shower does pop up. RM is also safe for people and livestock once it is dry.


It Keeps Working.

Use RM43 once on weeds and brush and it keeps working for up to a year to prevent them from re-growing. It’s also ideal to use on bare ground to stop weeds and grass from even getting the chance to grow, ideal for areas where you’re planning on laying a driveway or sidewalk.


It Kills Nearly Everything.

RM43 kills brush, vines and more than 150 weeds including the really tough ones like kudzu, poison ivy and poison oak. Use it on grasses, broadleaf weeds like clover, dandelion, ragweed and thistle. Trees, brush and vines like alder, ash, blackberry, honeysuckle and sage are no problem for RM43.


It Can be Used Nearly Everywhere.

RM43 is perfect to use along roadsides, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, parking area, brick walks, gravel paths, vacant lots, warehouse areas, farm yards and for establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings. The only place you shouldn’t use it is on crop areas.


RM43 is just of the 34 high-quality, innovative products we offer. Since we first opened our doors in 1991, we have grown to offer these products under 12 proprietary brands that are available in over 3,500 stores nationwide. Find out if you live near one of these stores or buy RM43 online from several retailers like Amazon, The Home Depot, Rural King, Tractor Supply Co., Walmart and Fleet Farm.