Prine Is Your Winter Forage Solution

Prine Is Your Winter Forage Solution

When it comes to winter forage in the Southeast, it’s hard to argue with annual ryegrass. It is a quick-growing, non-spreading bunch grass that is a reliable, versatile performer almost anywhere in the United States, but especially the southern U.S.

The Benefits of Annual Ryegrass

Annual ryegrass is an important component for forage-based livestock diets. It is palatable and when used in a winter pasture can extend the grazing period in late fall and early spring. It establishes quickly, has been adapted to many soil types and produces a lot of forage in a short amount of time. It’s become a much-sought-after cool-season forage throughout the region due to its production. According to the University of Florida, more than 1 million hectares of annual ryegrass are grown in the Southeast, from eastern Texas and Oklahoma to the southern East Coast, every year.

Beyond its nutritional value for forage, it is also beneficial to your soil. It fights erosion due to its extensive, soil-holding root system. Annual ryegrass’ dense, yet shallow, root system improves water filtration and enhances soil tilth. Because it establishes so quickly, it provides early-season weed control.

Ragan & Massey is proud to offer Prine™ Tetraploid, the most recent commercially available ryegrass variety developed by the outstanding University of Florida ryegrass breeding program. This high-yield, rust- and disease-resistant tetraploid variety delivers the proven results you need. There is no better combination of quality and yield, and recent trials prove it:


Yield Trials Prove Prine Works

Prine has been proven to work time and again, all across the southern United States.


Calhoun, Ga.

Franklinton, La.

Griffin, Ga.

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