How To Spray With Animals Around

Spraying With Animals Around

We love our animals, whether they are our pets or livestock, and want to keep them safe while we spray. That’s why it’s important to take precautions when applying herbicides and insecticides around your property. Remember, these products use ingredients that are designed to kill weeds and pests and should be handled with care.

Here are a couple steps you can take to make sure the process is done properly so your pets or livestock won’t be harmed.


What You Can Do To Keep Pets Safe:

  1. Read the complete label. We can’t stress this enough. The manufacturer includes all the instructions and warnings you need to be aware of right on the product’s label. Take the time to read through it carefully before your apply and follow the precautions for pets. For example, the label of RM43 states to keep people and pets out the area during application and keep them out until the spray has dried. The Compare N Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide label warns that its product should not be applied to pets or to livestock buildings and all surfaces should be dry before people or pets touch the treated surfaces.
  1. Keep animals away. While your dog may be your best friend, they have no place at your side while you’re spraying herbicides or insecticides. Keep dogs and cats locked up or inside and away from the treated areas until they are completely dry. Same goes for livestock, make sure no livestock are in the pasture you’re spraying, keep them penned or away from the area.
  2. Make sure the treated areas are dry before allowing pets back in. Most products, like RM18, are safe when they are completely dry. Be patient, wait out the time and check to make sure the area is dry before allowing your pets outside to roam. The average drying time is about two to three hours, so make sure Fido does his business before you spray.
  3. Be careful where you apply the products, especially with a granular product. If you spill this type of product on driveways or sidewalks, where it’s easy for a pet to track back in the house, it should be swept up immediately. Compare N Save’s Lawn Insect Control Granules label warns not to let the product run into sewers or drains as it is harmful to aquatic life.
  4. Always properly store products. Keep them in a dry place away from kids and pets. A high garage or shed shelf works great for this purpose. Also make sure the product is sealed and/or closed tight.

Following these simple steps can help keep your pets and family safe and your yard looking beautiful. For more advice on property management and our products, you can look at our blog.