Tips To Safely Use Our Products

Need to kill weeds in your lawn, but not your meticulously-maintained grass? Grab a bottle of Compare-N-Save Weed Killer for Lawns. Want to clear yard space for a new garden or flower bed and have it ready to plant in three daysRM18 is the answer. How about ridding an area of weeds and grass permanently for an outdoor project like a new driveway or patio? You’re going to want to use RM43 or Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass & Weed Killer 41% Glyphosate. Got trouble with fire ants both indoors and out? You need Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide. You can’t buy more effective herbicides and insecticides than these, but in order for them to work like they should and deliver guaranteed results, it is imperative to use them correctly and safely. 

Read the Label 

Our labels just aren’t for show; when we recommend to read them thoroughly we mean it. Each Ragan & Massy label contains directions for use, caution statements, storage and disposal information and how to administer first aid in case of emergency. This 

Use the Correct Amount of Product 

Always use the recommended concentration of herbicide or insecticide based on the area to be covered and the spraying device. Use too little, and you’ll have to spray again. Use too much, and you’ll be exposing yourself and the environment to more harm than good. Read the directions twice and fill accordingly. 

Cover Up 

Always wear protective clothing when handling herbicides and pesticides. Clothing that is exposed to these chemicals must be treated separately from other laundry, so take great care to minimize this exposure. This protection extends to other areas as well. Cover beehives, feed pans, watering tanks and troughs prior to application. 

Take Notes 

Log the date, time, amount, and location each herbicide and pesticide as used. Smartphones are a great way to record this data to keep for future use. 

Watch for Drifts 

Do not spray chemicals on a windy day. There is no way to account for the drift or dust range, and the risk is too high for incorrect exposure. What you planned as an easy project to rid your lawn of dandelions has now taken out your wife’s flowers because of wind.  

Maintain your Equipment 

Sprayer cleanup and cleanout is necessary to prevent spray contamination and to prolong the life of the equipment, especially if the same sprayer is used for a variety of crops. There are a variety of products and solutions on the market to help with this process. 

Herbicides used in accordance with their labels are typically harmless to animals. Problems may occur if animals graze on treated plants that have started the decaying process; the increased nitrate levels can make grazing animals ill. Give sprayed pastures a few days to rest or be rinsed with rain. 

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