Using Ragan & Massey Insecticides

Insecticides are a powerful tool to rid your home and yard of invading, and sometimes biting, pests. The products offered by Ragan & Massey, specifically our Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide and Lawn Insect Control Granules, kill many common insects found both inside and outside your home.

Can I spray Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide in my vegetable garden?

Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide should not be applied directly to vegetables or fruit plants. But, it, along with Compare-N-Save Lawn Insect Control Granules, can be used as a perimeter application. Apply the products for five to 10 feet around your garden. These products will help protect your garden from armyworms, billbugs, leafhoppers, sowbugs, ants and more.

Can I spray Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide around my flowerbeds?

Yes. This product can be applied directly to the plants in your ornamental gardens like trees, shrubs, foliage plants, non-bearing fruit, and nut trees and flowers. Spray this product using a pressure sprayer on foliage, tree trunks, stems, and twigs. Compare-N-Save Lawn Insect Control Granules can also be spread directly over flower beds to control armyworms, weevils, ants, centipedes, crickets, scorpions, pillbugs, and more. 

Will Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide kill bed bugs?

While the label for this product does not specifically list bed bugs as one of the pests controlled, its active ingredient, Bifenthrin, is found in other bed bug specific products. Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide can be sprayed on bed frames, floorboards, and behind trim where bed bugs like to hide. It can be applied as a crack and crevice, pinstream, spot, coarse or low-pressure spray. Don’t use it as a broadcast application and cover all food and food preparation surfaces before spraying.

Will Compare-N-Save Lawn Insect Control Granules kill fleas and ticks in my lawn?

Yes, Compare-N-Save Lawn Insect Control Granules kill both fleas and ticks in your lawns. Use as a broadcast application with a spreader to control these pests. Flea larvae develop in the soil of shaded areas that are accessible to pets or other animals. To treat fleas, irrigate the treated area with up to 0.5 inches of water immediately after application to activate (release from the granule) the insecticide. Don’t use a spot application here, treat the entire area. Follow the label’s instructions and don’t allow people or pets in the area while applying. Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide can also be sprayed on lawns to control fleas and ticks. Apply this product as a broadcast treatment in volumes of up to 10 gallons per 1000 square feet for uniform coverage of grass foliage. If applications are made in spray volumes of less than two gallons per 1000 square feet, immediately irrigate the treated area with at least 0.25 inches of water to ensure the product reaches pests below the grass. See the label for exact application rates.

Keep your yard and home pest-free with Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide and Lawn Insect Control Granules. Go to our Where to Buy page to find these items.

For best results when using our products we encourage our customers to read the product labels in full before using.