Which Ragan & Massey Herbicide Should You Use?

It’s that time of year when everything around your farm or home is actively growing, including weeds! Nine times out of 10, using an herbicide is the best way to eliminate those plants and weeds that are giving you grief. But which one should you use?  

Herbicide: RM43 

Made with 43% glyphosate, RM43 is a powerful herbicide that kills on contact. It offers total weed control, meaning whatever you spray it on is eliminated. Keep this in mind when spraying to make sure any desirable plants don’t get caught in a drift. Play it safe and spray on a calm, sunny day. It is rainfast in two hours and lasts for up to 12 months! 

What you should use it for: Use this product when you don’t want any growth for about a year. It’s great to use before laying a patio or to keep a driveway clear. It also is ideal to keep fencerows and warehouse areas tidy all season long. The only place you shouldn’t use it is on crops. 

Herbicide: RM18 

RM18 is made with 18% glyphosate and a small amount of diquat dibromide. This formula allows it to only target plants and grass, leaving the soil untouched. RM18 starts to kill weeds and grass on contact. It eliminates a variety of tough weeds, including kudzu, wild blackberry, poison ivy, poison oak, crabgrass, and dandelions (and over 100 other plants)

What you should use it for: Lawn replacements, garden bed prep, and clearing weeds from walkways, buildings and roadsides. You can get started on a replanting project just three days after spraying RM18. 

Herbicide: Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass & Weed Killer 41% Glyphosate 

This 41% glyphosate solution was made for Roundup Ready crops. It kills almost all annual and perennial weeds, grasses, vines, brush, and stumps. Apply three to six ounces per gallon of water to growing weeds on a warm day in bright sunlight. Compare-N-Save Weed & Grass Killer kills only actively-growing weeds; it won’t harm the soil or spread to roots of nearby trees. 

What you should use it for: Compare-N-Save Grass & Weed Killer is ideal for fencerows, paths, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and in brick and gravel walkways, around trees, shrubs, ornamental plantings and flower beds and around buildings. It’s also great to use for a total lawn replacement. 

Herbicide: Compare-N-Save Quick Acting Weed & Grass Killer 

Compare-N-Save Quick Acting Weed & Grass Killer is a quick-acting herbicide that kills weeds, roots and all. It enters the plant on contact and immediately gets to work. You’ll see visible results within hours. Use a hand-operated backpack sprayer or pump-up sprayer to only target the plants you want dead, like dandelions, woody vines, poison ivy, and kudzu. 

What you should use it for: Compare-N-Save Quick Acting Weed & Grass Killer is effective at clearing areas for flower beds and gardens. However, we don’t recommend using it for spot treatment after planting fruits and vegetables. Hand-pulling is recommended for garden weeds. 

Herbicide: Compare-N-Save Weed Killer for Lawns 

Compare-N-Save Weed Killer for Lawns is a powerful herbicide that kills more than 200 common weeds, but won’t harm your grass. It takes contains dimethylamine salt of 2,4-D acid which only targets weeds, leaving your grass untouched. So this product easily kills buckhorn plantain, chicory, dandelion, dogfennel, hickweed, and lambs quarter, creeping Jenny, ground ivy, and ragweed but won’t harm your Bahia, Bermuda, centipede or ryegrass. 

What you should use it for: Killing weeds on all types of lawns including warm and cool-season grasses. Use it as a spot treatment or over your entire lawn. 

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