Why You Should Start Your Food Plot Now

It is getting close to the time of year that’s more precious to hunters than any other – hunting season. For most experienced hunters a food plot is must. Food plots not only draw game and wildlife to your hunting ground, they help herds stay healthy and control population numbers. Even though hunting season doesn’t start until fall, planting a food plot now has major benefits for the season ahead. 

Constant Supply of Food 

According to Whitetail Habitat Solutions, the best food plots give you the ability to influence the success of the herd, hunt and planting. A food plot filled with oats, rye, brassicas, peas, clover, rape, chicory and plantain planted in August will be at its full potential come October when livestock is searching for food. It will also be ripe during the middle of hunting season, not before or after. PlotSpike Forage Oats is a fantastic solution just for this purpose. If can be planted in August and September for grazing during bow season. Plus for those in the south, an oat food plot will last all winter. 

Fewer Weeds to Deal With 

The end of summer signals the end of the explosion of weeds that started in early spring. Usually by August and September weeds have fizzled out, making tending your food plot much easier to handle. Try PlotSpike Forage Feast, which contains forage oats and smaller grains, forage rape, clover and Austrian winter peas. It germinates quickly in a wide range of soil conditions to yield an abundant food supply. 

More Rain for Growing Plants 

June and July are seriously dry months for most of the country but come August, the rain starts picking up again, nourishing a growing food plot. Since food plots are typically planted in areas not easily reached by irrigation, making sure your seeds get moisture is essential to germination. Once plants emerge, add a high-nitrogen fertilizer to encourage healthy growth. If the season is still dry come August, consider planting PlotSpike Clover Blend. Its second ingredient is chicory, which has an elongated leaf and produces a taproot that allows the plant to survive periods of drought. 

Tons of Blends to Consider 

There are eight PlotSpike Blends for deer plots. Our PlotSpike Shade Blend only requires about four hours of sunlight to produce a mix of Poa Trivialis, hard fescue, Winfred forage turnip, Ladino clover and plantain. PlotSpike Quick Stand No-Till Blend is ideal for those remote food plot areas you just can’t get a tiller back into. Forage tetraploid ryegrass, fast-growing annual clovers and rape brassica are expertly blended to create a forage seed that requires no tilling before planting. PlotSpike Premium Blend features Prairie Brome Grass, forage rape, clover and chicory and given enough moisture, will reseed year-after-year. 

Set your deer season up for success by planting PlotSpike now. Find it at retailer near you or buy it online.