The Correct Way To Spray Indoor:Outdoor Insecticide

The Correct Way To Spray Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide

Harmful insects and mites have no place inside, or outside, your home. Flies and cockroaches carry diseases, mosquitoes and ticks feed on blood, and aphids, ants and armyworms ruin lawns and plantscapes.   Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide protects your home and surroundings. As the name suggests, it can be applied both inside and outside. It works […]

Three Products Every Home Gardener Will Love

Walk into any garden center and you’ll find so many rows of herbicides and insecticides, it can be extremely overwhelming for the home gardener! That’s because some herbicides claim to kill this but not that. Other insecticides work here but not there. Skip the frustration and stock up on some of our favorite products instead. […]